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BLACKCOCO’s Kokosnuss-Kohle 2Kg – CUBES27

  • Die Würfel sind jeweils 27,5 x 27,5 x 27,5 mm groß.
  • Bis zu 100 Würfel in der 2Kg-Packung.
  • Premium Naturkohle Kokosnuss.
  • Lange Brenndauer von bis zu 120 Minuten.
  • Raucharm.
  • Holzkohle enthält keine Chemikalien. Price: 14,00 (as of 06/02/2023 01:22 PST- Details)




Full taste when smoking shisha, thanks to Cubes27+ The Oversize coconut coal.

The smoking experience of a shisha depends on many factors, whereby tobacco and coal have probably the greatest influence. It is not without reason that coconut charcoal has proven itself as a literal continuous burner over the years and has enforced on the market. To meet the different requirements of any shisha smoker perfectly, we offer you a variety of different coconut coals for smoking shisha.

Explore with us the variety of different types of charcoal and discover your favourite. Compared with other cuts, we show you what our respective charcoal is and why you should not save when buying your coconut charcoal for shisha. Therefore, we start directly with our classic for every occasion, the Cubes27+ natural charcoal.

Square and efficient: with 27.5 mm, suitable for any head.
At the beginning of each coal cut, the size, which is decisive for the fit of your shisha head. If you smoke with a chimney head or with aluminium foil, the 27.5 mm x 27.5 mm are perfect for standard heads and fireplaces. Without any problems, three to four pieces of coal fit on the surface of the usual fireplace attachments, which ensures maximum flexibility when smoking. Depending on your taste, you can push your charcoal outwards thanks to the harmonious form factor, or from the head into your charcoal basket.

Absolutely premium – this premium shisha charcoal CUBES27+ the oversized, has an extra long burning time of up to 120 minutes, no taste of its own and is low smoke. Enjoy even more and even longer
Much healthier – Due to the fact that Blackcoco’s shisha charcoal is completely natural, the natural charcoal contains no chemicals. This makes the coal much healthier than self-igniting shisha coal
Large supply – in this 2 kg package you will receive 100 cubes of coconut shisha charcoal. The cubes are each 27.5 x 27.5 x 27.5 mm in size and fit perfectly on the shisha head.
Also ideal for barbecuing: these cocos briquettes are also ideal for grilling. These barbecue briquettes are particularly popular among professional barbecues due to the above described features
Strictly controlled – to ensure only the best quality, this coconut shisha natural charcoal is produced under the strictest conditions in Indonesia. Only the best for your enjoyment

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